The Culture Group team have very big hearts.

We genuinely care about each other, our clients and what we do.

We love our diversity and all the rich experiences we have to share.

We have all come from working in industry, where we did the 'big jobs' and delivered real business results.

The Culture Group was founded by Nadine and Joanna in 2016. The two had worked closely together for six years across diverse industries. While on holiday they asked each other a simple question "How can we make a difference to others, do what we love and be the best version of us?" The dream for The Culture Group was formed.

We are thrilled the dream is now coming to life.


People really do make the difference. Over the past 25 years I have enjoyed an exciting career in People & Organisational Development with organisations like Orica, Coles, Jetstar,

Coca-Cola Amatil and RMIT University.

Working across many different cultures, geographies, industries and companies has enriched my knowledge and my life. An organisation's greatest asset is their people and creating solutions that maximise the strength of people is what I love about my job.

The Leadership Circle Accredited (TLC)

Life Styles Inventory Accredited (LSI)



Never underestimate your impact on others. My career spans over 23 years in the Organisational Development space. I have been privileged to collaborate across the globe working with diverse people and cultures, including brands like Foxtel pay television, Village Roadshow, the Qantas Group and the mining company Orica.

Regardless of industry, organisational focus or strategy alignment, the best part of any job is unlocking human potential.

The Leadership Circle Accredited (TLC)

Life Styles Inventory Accredited (LSI)


LUCIE MAY - Consultant

People achieve extraordinary things when they feel connected to the culture of an organisation. This truth was well demonstrated in my most recent role with Jetstar Airways which allowed me to help foster and build a shared, inclusive organisational culture across an Asia-Pacific workforce.

I have enjoyed a rewarding career in organisational development, specialising in culture, leadership and learning. I previously worked in frontline operations management with Virgin Australia and Virgin Atlantic. Living and working overseas has enabled me to work with a diverse mix of people and cultures from graduates to senior leaders. I love helping people connect, grow and develop their capabilities.

Life Styles Inventory Accreditation (LSI)



LOUISE PHELAN - Consulting Partner

It's all about aligning behaviours and mindsets. For over 30 years I've enjoyed curating learning experiences and designing sustainable culture maturity solutions in organisations such as AAMI, Ernst & Young; QGC (British Gas); Thiess Services; CS Energy and Incitec Pivot Limited.

I partner with people from the frontline to the boardroom to align behaviours and mindsets, to build new habits and create behavioural change. My passion is unlocking performance potential and my goal is helping leaders meet and exceed their objectives in life and at work.

The Leadership Circle Accreditation (TLC)
Life Styles Inventory Accreditation (LSI)
Myers Briggs Type Indicator Accreditation (MBTI)
DiSC Personality Profile Accreditation (DiSC)



Kathryn McPherson - Lead Facilitator

Challenging your assumptions allows you to open your mindset to new opportunities.

As Lead Facilitator for Dialogue in the Dark for the past two years, I have enjoyed giving companies, teams and individuals the opportunity to challenge themselves, and their methods of communication and collaboration.

I believe strong leadership involves lifting others up and I use this immersive workshop experience to create an equal playing field for all, without the influence of unconscious bias.





Sammie the Guide Dog - Personal Assistant to Kathryn

Trust is built slowly and can make complex things possible. The absence of trust can make simple things impossible.

Sammie is Kathryn’s Personal Assistant. Sammie and Kathryn have been working as a team for over 5 years. Being Kathryn’s right hand, Sammie has guided Kathryn through complex situations both emotionally and physically.

Sammie is a foodie and is always prepared to network.

Collaborating with great people is critical to our success and we are lucky to introduce our expert Consulting, Coaching and Facilitation partners.



Malcolm has a PHD & MBA and is an experienced international consultant working in multiple sectors with FTSE 100 Executive Directors and their teams to build capability. His work focuses on raising quality of thinking that creates high performing and sustainable organisational cultures.

Malcolm has exploited his extensive career both in Retail field operations and Consultancy across multiple organisations, fuelling his passion to develop individuals and teams that deliver commercial and personal impact.

Malcolm uses a common sense and highly engaging approach to team facilitation and 1:1 coaching creating clear thinking and purpose. This approach has been crafted from his own rigorously tested academic research refined in organisations around the world.



Ken Kesslin is an executive coach, trainer, and facilitator, specializing in leadership development and organizational effectiveness. More than a decade of corporate experience – in finance, investment banking, sales and management – and 14 years working as a clinically trained psychotherapist has given Ken a unique perspective, one that allows him to help his clients integrate their business and personal goals. Ken is especially effective in working with leaders to think strategically and balance their focus on people and profit. He is a gifted listener and trusted confidant.

Ken graduated Phi Beta Kappa, earned undergraduate degrees in Economics and Psychology from Stanford University, Masters in Social Work from New York University and is certified in Ericksonian Hypnosis , MBTI, The Leadership Circle ProfileTM, and The Hay Group’s Emotional & Social Competence Inventory (ESCI) 360.