Date: Wednesday March 03, 2021

Where Energy Goes, Focus Flows…

If I asked you to describe your energy levels right now, what would you say?

Most people tend to respond with words like flat, tired, and drained to explain their current physical state. This is largely the result of where we find ourselves dealing with rapidly changing uncertainties in life.


If I then asked how you would increase energy levels, what would you say?

The common response is physical fixes, such as drinking coffee, exercise, or getting some extra sleep. These are valid responses. But they are not the whole story…


Energy is not simply a physical construct. While the physical elements are a consideration in our overall energy levels, we need to delve deeper and look at our underlying drivers of energy levels to get the complete picture.


The Busy Epidemic

Look at leaders around you. People are probably feeling stressed, depleted, and overwhelmed by the fast pace and most recent shift of adapting to different work conditions.

They might feel stuck in “busy mode” trying to do all the things, all the time, just to keep up. 

It is the perfect time for us to ‘take a breath and reset’.


How does ‘Energy’ and ‘Flow’ Connect?

We at The Culture Group we have spent years researching Positive Psychology.  In simple terms, this is the study of how and when humans perform at our best as individuals, teams, and organisations. Energy Management stems from the notion that we need to leverage our strengths and recognise our ‘flow gaps’ to increase our ability to balance our energy holistically.  Much like points on a compass are used to gain one’s bearings, each person has an inner compass consisting of four elements that points the way towards their optimum flow…. Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual energy.  

So, what can you do to better manage your energy?

  • Recognise you cannot stay at high energy. Time to recuperate is essential.
  • Accepting this idea is the first step to better managing your energy.
  • Do not bundle all the bad stuff together, which eats into your energy reserves and makes it harder to bounce back up.
  • Give yourself little boosts each day. Expressing gratitude, for instance, is a potent energy booster.
  • Lean on lateral and external influences. Energy flow is built informally, interaction by interaction.


In our upcoming Leaders Connect™ ‘Connected Self’ virtual workshop we will practically explore how you can set up simple rituals to better balance your energy for your current situation….to get you back in flow and better focus your future. As a leadership practice this is something needed now more than ever before!