Date: Tuesday May 14, 2019

Step 2 : Grow the Right Capabilities

5 Steps to creating an Authentic Culture

Step 2 – Grow the Right Capabilities

The alignment between developing the right capabilities to foster your authentic culture and delivering on your strategy is sometimes overlooked. Particularly during times of major change or transformation. The focus leans heavily towards discussing the new operating model (structure, ways of working, processes) with the conversation around the new capabilities (mindset, behaviours, skills) often lost. 

In addition, the world of work is vastly changing with the rise of smart machines, artificial intelligence, global connectivity and the longevity of our working careers. Growing the right capabilities is definitely becoming a strategic imperative, which leads us into Step 2 of our Authentic Culture Methodology – Grow the Right Capabilities.

What are some of the critical future ready capabilities? Based on the research from the Institute of the Future and the World Economic Forum, I believe future ready capabilities will include.

1.      Personal ethics and compassion

2.      Sense making and adaptive thinking

3.      Emotional Intelligence, Social Intelligence & Creative Intelligence

4.      Storytelling and culturally savvy communication

5.      Influencing and human-centred change leadership

To be successful in the next decade, organisations (and individuals) will need apply foresight in preparing for this rapidly shifting landscape. Graduate Programs, Leadership Development, Talent and Capability Frameworks will need to be reassessed, ensuring they are focused on the ‘right’ capabilities and are building future ready leaders. We need to reconsider how we are identifying critical skills and how we are selecting and developing talent. 

Some organisations are well ahead of the curve and have future ready strategies in place, most are still coming grips with what it means. The good news is the conversation is starting to happen. Last year we developed a Future Ready Health Check to support our clients with their future ready journey. It’s a great starting point to understate current state and provides a road map to developing your Future Ready leadership and workforce strategy.

Next week I will cover Step 3 – Adopt Visible Leadership, a topic I’m very passionate about.

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