Date: Wednesday March 03, 2021

Re-connecting teams

How are you staying connected with your “working-at-home” team in this post-COVID19 world?

Re-connecting teams is a task that falls to leaders to execute as a fundamental step towards managing productivity, performance and resilience in their teams and building a thriving, not-just-surviving, future-fit culture.

For many of us, the personal workplace connections that motivate and influence us to achieve outcomes, interact and think, have been negatively impacted during the pandemic and pressuring us to return early to the workplace can place undue stress on our fragile health and wellbeing.

According to the OC Tanner Institute, Global Culture Report 2021, “those who had to return early to the workplace were 19% more likely to feel depressed, 16% more likely to feel burned out and 22% more likely to be scared of Covid-19 in the workplace”.

The pandemic is not only taking its toll on how we do business it is dramatically impacting the very nature of how organisational cultures form. A steady focus on how teams thrive and survive through their networks of inter-connected relationships is both current and relevant.

Transitioning into our new future is also placing a fresh set of demands on our leaders, asking them to operate as influencers to build collaborative and inclusive teams, that collectively problem solve.

Our own research, The Culture Group “The Impact of a Hazy Future on Culture and Leadership”, conducted initially in late 2019 and corroborated during lockdown in 2020, completely aligns with this vision. We consistently heard that the range of authentic leadership skills, required to ensure the survival of these future-fit leaders, were attainable through building authentic skills and capabilities:

  • coaching and curiosity
  • creativity and innovation
  • collaboration and caring

Harnessing the power of positive storytelling and building strong relationships to develop a one team approach is part of a future fit strategy of better connecting self to teams and ultimately, to culture.

In our Leaders Connect™ ‘Connected Teams’ virtual workshop we practically explore these concepts, focussing on enhancing inclusive leadership and psychological safety approaches within your own, connected team.

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