Date: Wednesday May 08, 2019

5 Steps to creating an Authentic Culture : 3 big drivers impacting culture

5 Steps to creating an Authentic Culture

3 big drivers impacting culture

I recently presented at the National HRD Summit in Sydney and I wanted to share the essence of the conversation. The topic that resonated most with the audience was how to create an Authentic Culture.

According to Human Capital Trends (2016 study), 86% of senior executives rate Culture & Leadership as our most important human capital issue. And it’s still a hot topic of discussion. Our external environment is constantly shifting with many social, economic and technological disruptions facing organisations and the way we work. Even change is changing, which is challenging the way we lead and how we shape organisational culture. In our work we are noticing 3 big drivers impacting culture and therefore overall performance.

So, what are the 3 big drivers impacting culture?

1.      Low con?dence in leadership hierarchy is leading to a lack of trust.

A 2016 Global CEO survey found that 55% of CEOs identi?ed a lack of trust as a threat to their organisation’s growth. Trust is core value driver for us all and when trust is eroded the impact on culture and performance is immense. Communication breaks down, teams start to fragment, engagement will be low and collaboration diminishes. 

What are the levels of trust in your organisation? How is trust built within and across teams?


2.      Higher expectations and intense pressure on performance is leading to an undercurrent of fear.

Data trends from our Authentic Self™  360 leadership diagnostic identified excessive work demands, high levels of stress and fear as the main elements that affect leadership and overall performance.   Leaders and leadership are missing in action as the value in managing tasks is outweighing the value in spending quality time with people. 

Where is the value placed in your organisation – tasks or people? What are the obstacles to your leaders being their best every day?


3.      The rise of virtual workplaces is leading to a disconnected workforce.

Yahoo! was a pioneer in virtual teams but in 2013 the CEO of Yahoo! Marissa Mayers believed her strategy of bringing disengaged staff back to the of?ce was the only way to drive an ‘underperforming and underachieving’ Yahoo! back onto the road to success.  Today’s workforce is very different to 10 or even 5 years ago. We are encouraging flexible work practices and virtual teams are becoming the norm. We need to lead differently and blend technology with the art of conversation to keep connected.

What ways can you future proof and connect your virtual workplace? What technologies can you adopt to enhance collaboration, creativity and engagement?


So building a culture based on authenticity and trust is critical to minimise the impact of these drivers. At the Culture Group we have created a methodology to develop an Authentic Culture and in my next few posts I will share the 5 critical steps to creating an Authentic Culture.

So stay tuned for Step 1 – Create your Culture Story.

In the meantime, connect with us at to find out more about developing an Authentic Culture. We'd love to help.