Our strategies and solutions bring your organisation's values to life, grow the right capabilities and deliver high performance.

When you think about the culture of your organisation...ask yourself:

How would I explain the culture of my work environment to others?

How do I contribute and thrive in my organisation?

Which of my values are consistent to how I present at work and in life?

When do I take the time to reflect and consider being the best version of myself?


We believe culture is the heart of an organisation and team. Creating the vision for success, harnessing the best in each individual and connecting actions to outcomes will create a positive and successful culture.

Our work connects values and people to business outcomes.

We all have an intuitive, emotional side as well as a deliberate, rational side to our brain. Too often in business we only try and connect with people on a rational level. This isn’t enough to actually change how people behave. People may understand what you want them to do, but if they aren’t emotionally engaged, you miss the greater opportunity of connecting hearts and minds.

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I recently had the privilege of collaborating with Nadine and Joanna on a 16 month culture change programme. With uncertainty and market turbulence threatening the company’s future, their ability to unify and galvanise the disparate stakeholder group was impressive. They demonstrated an unwavering commitment, not only to the business and its goals, but also to the individuals personally involved. This was central to harnessing the pride and determination of the Executive Committee. Through unyielding focus and unerring insight, they were able to lay the foundations of unity and shared purpose upon which the future of the company was built.


James Crow – Client Director, Executive Education, London Business School